An old standby, and the greatest brassica of them all

Chicken and cabbage for dinner

Chicken and cabbage for dinner

I bake chicken thighs almost every week. It’s our favorite part of the bird. I used to buy whole chickens, because even chicken stock is more popular around here than white meat, but days later, we’re still fighting like tired children over who has to eat the breasts, unless I’ve been smart enough to bake the whole bird for company. Everyone likes the breasts except us.

Tonight’s dinner will be baked chicken thighs with a few dry spices thrown on top (garlic powder, pepper, maybe paprika). The vegetable sides will be either butternut squash or carrots, both already prepared and in the fridge, and something green.

The part of “something green” will be played tonight by a head of cabbage that I found in the back room, along with three more butternut squashes I thought I’d already dispatched. So I’m going to have to come up with more butternut recipes shortly or lose my investment in winter squash to whatever it is that petrifies and then rots them in storage. We have to pick up more winter vegetables from our farm share cellar this weekend.

I’m oven roasting the cabbage with bacon, whole garlic, and balsamic vinegar. I might throw the chicken in on top of it, if it ever thaws.

[Edit: Updated 9:33 PM] It thawed.


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