Dinner #1

Happy New Year!

Virginia (Vee) here. I’m so happy to be kicking off the 365 Dinner Project with my first post. I have recently been diagnosed with high blood sugar and have decided not to take meds. Instead I am opting for a sugar-free and mostly grain-free diet which means I am usually cooking two separate meals. My husband has no dietary restrictions and loves to eat! He likes to be involved in planning our menus as well, so dinners at our house are often a collaborative effort. We raise sheep, goats and chickens on our small hobby farm in an effort to be as sustainable as possible for meat, dairy and eggs. We grow a large garden in our short growing season and I am learning to can and preserve foods as well.

Our New Year’s dinner is an enchilada casserole where the ingredients are not rolled in traditional Mexican style, but layered. My spouse and I both grew up in Southern Californa which has a strong Mexican food culture. Warm, spicy , cheesy enchiladas are one of our favorite comfort foods, especially in cold weather. I also prepared a green salad with spring mix, spinach and tomato topped with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. This is the incentive for me to eat more salad than enchilada casserole!

Dessert (for hubby) is a lovely pear crisp that I baked using Harry & David pears that we received as a gift for Christmas. I reduced the sugar by half, but you can’t tell because the pears are so sweet. I had one serving, but will be avoiding the rest. It sure is a challenge to have a spouse with a sweet tooth. Enjoy your dinner. V.


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