Jan 02: From feast to fast food

Today was very busy. I traveled into the city for a meeting, came back and then had only an hour to turn around to get ready for another meeting. Both were good meetings.

The last hour of the “business day” suddenly got turned on its head with a phone call that sent activity into overdrive…in a good way.

But dinner…
First I had to meet friends for Happy Hour. When you’re struggling financially, going out is a rare treat. I am fortunate that I have some friends who know my situation. One of them makes sure I can join the “gang” at our local watering hole regularly. So — because of the good news at the end of the day, I was treated to a dirty martini. Yum!

Dinner was not as exciting. A Premium McWrap Chicken & Ranch. With fries.

But it was enough. And then there was Billy Joel on PBS, which more than made up for the paucity of the evening’s meal.


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