January 1, 7 Layer-Dip From Costco

20150101_191614_Richtone(HDR)The irony, really, is that I’m a foodie. I love food. I focus on healthful and natural food that feeds not only my athletic body, but the athletic bodies of my whole family. The compounding irony is that I’m also a bit superstitious about New Years day.  I think that what you do on that day sets the tone for the year. Well, I at least want to think that way.

So, it is with much chagrin that I tell you that tonight’s dinner came in a plastic tub from Costco. It’s some sort of 7 Layer-Dip, and it snuggles up ever so gleefully on the tip of a corn chip. There is nothing in here that I normally eat. As a rule, I don’t really eat beans, or dairy, or corn or anything that is in any way shelf stable.

Except when I do.

And it seems like a perfect way to start the year, actually. I woke up this morning and enjoyed coffee in bed with my husband. Then my daughter and I went and picked up 4 dozen “gourmet” donuts (what, really, is a gourmet donut?) from a local bakery. Then to my favorite coffee shop to get coffee for 75 people. We spent the morning with members of the gym we own doing a 3 mile fun run, with calisthenics, followed by a swim in Lake Washington. It was glorious. Community, fitness, sunshine, donuts….. It was a heckuva time, and the remainder of the day has been spent on the couch watching sportsball. (I’m trying very hard to learn the rules and understand why people like this sport. It’s not working.)

Suddenly it was dark out, and I’d been eating leftover snack-food all day, and here I sit. Utterly delighted with how this day went…..

January 7 we start a Whole 30 Challenge with the gym, so I am pretty sure that the meals between here and there will be full of stuff that I won’t be eating for a month. And that’s okay.

The tone of this year is going to be one of enjoying where I’m at, no matter what. No shame.


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