On the first night of the year, he ordered in – what he put in his Top Ramen the second night blew my mind!

Jan. 1 – Chicken parmigiana ordered in from Guido’s.

They were out of my first choice, baked gnocchi. Neither my wife nor I are skilled or eager cooks (especially me), so ordering in is an easy way out. We like Guido’s and ordering a small pizza for the kids (twin 5-yr.-old daughters) solved the dinner problem all around.

Jan. 2 – Two packs of Top Ramen around 10pm. Bam! Kicked it up a notch by adding a little crushed red pepper. Sweet finish (my wife’s phrase for “dessert”) of some chili-infused chocolate by Lindt which I got in my Christmas stocking. I don’t know what the rest of the family ate tonight.

It’s my 7pm hockey night, which often results in either skipped dinners or something more snacky than dinnery after I’ve gotten home and helped finish tucking in the kids if they aren’t fully settled. I don’t like to play on a full stomach, but usually don’t have a big appetite right after playing. Combine that with my cooking aptitude, time of day, and energy level, and something resembling a regular meal for dinner on hockey nights is the exception rather than the rule. (I play 3 nights a week most weeks.)


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