Running out of time and for the border…

First night.

First meal of the year.

I’m at work, between paychecks and have a ton to do.   I can’t leave but some of the guys here are heading to Taco Bell.   Dinner will be purchased with the three dollars that I have in my pocket and since it’s Taco Bell, we’ll go for quantity since quality isn’t really a question. Three crunch-wrap sliders it is…

Thursday nights at the store are heralded as “No Fear”, in part because ‘Taco Bell’ and in part because the particular restaurant we frequent for this had a shooting once… at 3 am… some time ago.  Not to belittle life but it’s just weird that such violence would happen in this neighborhood.  Few would drive down the street to the ‘Bell and say, “Yeah, I could see a shooting happening here…”

This weekend is the drive to Jersey Holiday Trip, so Z and I will be eating out a little, or in with the fam.   Here’s hoping this dinner doesn’t set the tone for the year 😉



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