Welcome to the Day 1 of the 365 Dinner Project!

My name is Lynn Beisner,and this little website is my brain child. I wanted to keep track of what I had for dinner every night for a year. There were a couple of reasons for that. I suspect that I eat unconsciously a lot – that diner becomes more a bow to necessity than an opportunity to revel in the sensual wonder of food.

I am usually the person who makes the dinner choice for whomever in my family is eating at around 6:30 PM. This year I want to make that choice consciously, and with the goal of creating joy for myself and others.

My partner in this endeavor is Christopher Lewis. He is our site’s creator and administrator. He is a participant as well. Christopher does most of the meal preparation for himself and his wife Zayna.

My wonderful friend and fellow author, Lisa Mohl Kaplin will be giving us her point of view as an insanely busy career woman, who provides food for her changing family. Lisa is in that wonderful phase of life where children are starting to leave the family nest, and dinner is a logistical challenge. Lisa is an expert in the art of take-out dining, and she will be sharing those meals with us.

We are fortunate to have a husband and wife team, Jill and Doug Ziegler. They are rocking a blended family, so their posts will reflect the



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