1/2 Holiday Traditions

Tonight I find myself in New Jersey visiting family for Christmas.  Plans of mice and men being what they are, tonight became presents and dinner with Dad and SiL and families rather than resting after the drive and functions tomorrow.   The weather is going to be crappy so last minute changes were called for.  It happens.   Dinner was at the Bonefish grill.  BangBang Shrimp was excellent as always, a small sirloin with Au Gratin potatoes as a side and Key Lime pie as desert.  Z had the fish and chips, a brave move considering issues she has with that particular protein, and Creme’ Brulee for desert.  The food was tasty-ish, though I am starting to pick up on the actual levels of salt in things and they were a bit high here.  The cut of meat had a fairly tough piece of tendon but the overall experience was nice and it’s good to be with family.


2 thoughts on “1/2 Holiday Traditions

    • I realize I’m commenting on my own comment, but I meant to put this under the previous post. I would have left it, but this post has no picture. I’m sorry.


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