January 2: The Usual (With Pork)

CAM00468If I’m kind of too tired to cook, or at least my brain is too tired to think of what to cook, this is what we eat. Honestly, we eat this all the (damned) time. I can do it start to finish in about 30 minutes, and make leftovers to eat tomorrow….. Tonight the protein was thick Pork Chops, but it’s usually Spencer Steaks (which are just a Rib Eye with the bone taken out, and held back together with twine, making them easily two servings.) But, when in doubt, this covers all the bases, and is totally paleo: protein, fat, green veggies, starchy veggie.

Boring as it is, this is how I default in thinking about what to eat. Not “just” “what is easy” but really “what’s the easiest way to get nutrients in me.” Not just calories. Nutrients. 

Food, after all, is intended to nourish. Ideally, it nourishes both my soul and my body, but in a pinch, I will usually default to nourishing my body and deal with the “other” stuff next time I eat.

So there you have it, the simple most common meal in our home: Meat, Yams, Broccoli, & Salad. (Usually kale salad because I ADORE bitter things, and it packs a powerful nutrient punch.

  • Yams are cubed and initially seared in a cast iron skillet with a little bacon fat and whatever seasonings strike my fancy at the moment, then put in a 400 degree oven.
  • Slice and wash kale…..  put whatever else you want in the salad. Toss with Olive Oil and balsamic. Do not say “EVOO” as if that is a word, because it is not, it’s stupid and pretentious and…. just, no.
  • Broccoli cut into little trees (or large clumps of pubic hair, however you like to think about it,) tossed in a cast iron skillet until they just start to darken, add a little olive oil and a ton of garlic. Then they go in the oven with the yams. (That’s 2 separate skillets in the oven, not together, because the broccoli will need to come out sooner.
  • Pork Chops are seared on a pre-heated and hot as holy-hell cast iron skillet. Seared on both sides, a little butter put on AFTER they’re cooked, then set to rest off the heat and under a cover for 6 minutes before serving.

There, dinner. In under 30 minutes, with a massive nutritional whammy.


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