Day 3 – Lazy Saturday and the last night with the Fam

Holiday time with the family is drawing to a close.  Tomorrow we begin our long trek back home.   Tonight’s dinner was a concoction based on a few different recipes the BiL had run across.   They called it mexican lasagne and was a baked casserole consisting of layers of flour tortillas, thin sliced roasted zucchini, oven roasted corn, browned beef with sauteed onions and black beans, salsa, and various cheeses put together and baked.  It was pretty tasty.   We sat and played games the nieces got for Christmas.  We had options of going shopping, or going up to FiL’s house, but the weather was nasty and I’m glad we just spent the day hanging out.   The night winds down, tomorrow is brunch day and then driving… looking forward to being home again.



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