Day 4 – Lisa

On most Sundays my family joins my husband’s parents for dinner at one of a few restaurants between our two homes.  This has been a tradition that my husband did with his grandparents (three of whom lived well into their 90s).  My children are blessed to get to do the same with their paternal grandparents.  My parents live in Florida so we don’t get to see them as frequently.

Tonight, however, as the temperature in Chicago plummeted, my in-laws opted out in order to stay warm and comfortable at home.  The five of us, with our oldest son’s girlfriend in tow, decided to use a holiday gift card and eat at the delicious Wildfire restaurant (part of the Lettuce Entertain You restaurants).  Steaks, fish, pasta, and a big chopped salad did the trick for our group.

I probably could have cooked something at the last minute but a nice dinner out was just too tempting.  I was going to take foodie pictures but that felt a little braggy when my co-authors were cooking away.  I’m shooting for 3-5 days of cooking this week, bets anyone?


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