Jan 04: Sunday Sushi

Seaweed Salad and Miso Soup

Seaweed Salad and Miso Soup

It’s fun to have so many celebrations close together at this time of year: Thanksgiving, Itsenäisyyspäivä, Winter Solstice, Christmas, Romjul, New Years and January 4th.

Yes, today is a rather important anniversary — eleven years of a relationship. As a result, I was invited out for a celebratory evening meal at one of my favorite local places — an authentic Japanese restaurant!

Still, sushi is a rare treat…

Every other year, I have received a dozen red roses and a few Ritter Sport Marzipan bars. But this year, the budget simply wouldn’t allow that. So the celebration we had was due to the generosity of family and friends through a VISA gift card.

Looking back at my calendar records, I can see that I get to this restaurant about four times a year, most often with family and/or friends who kindly insist on taking me. Right now, I can’t afford to go on my own.

Yet, when I walked in the door, the hostess greeted us warmly and, without prompting, encouraged us to wait for a booth which “will be ready in about five minutes”. Then she asked us if we’d like to start with a glass of wine. Looking at my friend, she asked, “Cabernet Sauvignon, right?” and then turned to me and said, “A glass of Pinot Grigio?”

I’m not a “regular”, but apparently I’m memorable…for some reason or another. 😉

SushiMy friend and I started out with a seaweed salad that included a few scraps of Iceberg lettuce and a delicious miso soup, split between us.

Did you know that lettuce is a member of the daisy family?!? I didn’t either.

My friend ordered an “Imperial Dinner” with beef, chicken, shrimp and vegetables. I ordered sushi. I first experienced sushi when I lived in northern California. I’m so grateful that there is a local restaurant that serves traditional Japanese sushi in this small town on the prairie.

The dish I ordered featured shrimp tempura, cucumber with smoked salmon on the top, eel sauce, wasabi mayo sauce and ginger slices.

Later on, the hostess stopped by to talk to us and we discovered that we all have connections to the metropolitan New York area. It really IS a small world!

There are some leftovers for tomorrow. #winning


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