January 4: Soup and Salad, Again

20150104_185433Honestly, when I agreed to do this, I pictured myself writing witty posts about creative meals, artistically captured and poised to inspire working moms everywhere….  And instead, we are on night 2 of take-out. Soup and salad, American style. (And I already know that I’m making French Onion Soup and Cesar Salad tomorrow night, so make that soup and salad, three nights in a row. I live within walking distance of a fantastic little organic market that has excellent pre-made food. (Until they move in a few months, which makes me want to cry. Except that they’re being replaced with a book store, cafe and pub……  easily the next best thing to an awesome organic market.) So, here you have it: Tomato and cabbage soup with a decidedly boring green salad and a beer. Thrilling.

I think I’ll have another beer. While I watch DOWNTON ABBEY!  YAY!  IT’S BACK! And my Mothers-In-Law (who I love) are on their way over to watch it with me. Damn, I should have gotten a gown or something. Maybe champagne, there’s tons of that left from New Year’s Eve.


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