Like pizza, only smaller



Jan 4. – Schwann’s mini-pizzas, cooked from frozen, around 4pm.

There’s not much I cook from scratch, so most of my “cooking” involves various methods of heating up something that’s already made. Tonight that meant throwing some frozen Schwann’s food in the oven. It was an odd time and didn’t feel like dinner when I made it, but I’m unlikely to make anything else today, so it earns the title of dinner by default.

I skipped breakfast, which is pretty common for me, then got into some lazy Sunday video gaming with one of my daughters. She and her sister have been binging on The Lego Movie game for the Wii U since Christmas; it maxes out at 2 players, so this was the first time they weren’t hogging both remotes so I could play, too. Around 3:30 it occurred to me that I was pretty hungry and hadn’t eaten anything more than a peanut granola bar all day, so that led to mini-pizzas.


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