On the fourth day, I created Chicken.


Today was a good day.  I was going to do something else, but we just went to the beach all morning and afternoon and it ended up being the best idea.  Then we came home and the kids played outside.  Being a military base and always very exciting, there are literally 20 or so children who play outside also.  So I broke up a bunch of chalk and then we stayed out until it got chilly.  By chilly, I mean below 70.  I forgot how lovely island living can be.

Then my husband decided to make a batch of dilly beans and so I didn’t get the kitchen until later.  I was frustrated.  I baked a chicken with a mixture of spices, some things that seemed like they would go with the rice.  It’s called ‘garlic rice’ and it’s just steamed white rice with about 5 cloves of garlic all smooshed up, mixed up and fried in olive oil with turmeric and salt.  Then…broccoli again.  We all love it so why not?  I hate thinking about meals.  I just want to be free to cook what I feel like when it’s dinner time.

It was yummy and warm and we all watched Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles after and now most of the kids are in bed and I’m hungry again.  I wonder if I need to eat more or mention this constant hungry feeling to a doctor?  I don’t know.  Tomorrow I will probably make soup because we have a lot of stuff in the fridge that needs to go.


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