Day 5: F-ing Shrimp

Did you know that all egg rolls can have shrimp in them, with no warning? I don’t know if that is really true or just the BS my local Chinese take-out is shoveling today.

So today my son and I were rearranging my room. The dogs believe that this is the apocalypse. Yoda is doing his impression of a depressed buzzard with his head low and his body all scrunched in. MonaLisa is contributing with occasional rounds of nervous barfing.

And I have stacks of miscellaneous shit all over my room, the adjacent hall, the bathroom and even stuffed in my son’s room.

The only reasonable thing to do for dinner was take-out. I ordered “The Happy Family” special. It comes without irony.  However, the accompanying egg roll contains shrimp.

I am new to the whole world of food allergies. I used to be nearly goat-like in my ability to digest just about anything. Sadly that ended this past summer. I was attacked by a swarm of wasps and nothing has been the same since. A single prawn and I am talking with the balloon-tongue lisp.

So tonight’s dinner was an eggroll,  a bit of Egg Foo Young with a HUGE side if benadryl. 

F-ing shrimp.


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