Day 5 – Open can, Dump in bowl, Microwave for 2 minutes

Still recovering from the trip, I had to go into work tonight.  Mondays are my usual day off and I usually cook the family meal.  Tonight I nuked a can of spaghetti-O’s with a dash of Tabasco.   Z scavenged and discovered some Chinese food chilling in the fridge. I like the O’s.  They’re quick and taste alright with some modification.   I like adding tomatoes and something with heat.  Sometimes I add various cheeses too.  (secret knowledge, Spaghetti-O’s use cheddar in their sauce).

I don’t know what H and the Kid did,  I assume they scavenged as well.  Hopefully we can get back on track Wednesday… (Tomorrow is another all day work day while Z has dinner and meetings at her new job)


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