Pho Crying Out Loud! Frozen Steak ?


The whole blood sugar battle has me thinking about, buying and preparing food in a whole new way. My mantra “No Bad Carbs” plays on an endless loop inside my head as I peruse the pantry and fridge for suitable ingredients for my lunches and dinners.  I’ve settled on an easy-to-prepare Pho-like soup (sans noodles) that I make two or three times per week for lunch using veggies and leftover meat I have on hand.  The base is either organic chicken stock, homemade lamb or beef stock, or vegetable broth. I sometimes will use powdered bullion if I haven’t any stock.I usually do. I chop spinach, bok choy, green onion and celery, shred a carrot, slice a mushroom, what have you, until it looks like a soup. I bring to a boil adding garlic powder, black pepper and sometimes hot pepper sauce and simmer ‘til the spinach is wilted. Today all I had were the spinach, bok choy and some yellow onion and a lamb chop leftover from last night. I made enough for lunch and dinner.

Hubby went freezer diving and came up with a somewhat freezer-burnt bone-in rib eye steak. We recently read up on a method of cooking meat right out of the freezer without defrosting. This is my third steak cooked this way. A couple of weeks ago we rotated everything in the bottom of the chest freezer up to the top and uncovered some rather dated offerings.  This steak is one of them. I heated some olive oil in a skillet and seasoned the steak and popped it in. I covered it and cooked it about 6 minutes per side. Hubby raved about it when I served it up to him with a side of mashed potato and a salad.  He really is a meat and potatoes kind of guy at heart, and I can’t bear to say “No bad carbs” to him.


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