Ramen. It was Okay.


Tonight for dinner, I made something that resembles ramen.  In a smaller bowl.  You really need big bowls to have ramen.  I feel I’ve eaten enough authentic ramen in my life to attempt to make it, and I didn’t do the best job.

Earlier, my kids and I were at the park and I was suppose to go running.  My husband had field day at the barracks instead, which is not as fun as it sounds and involves a lot of long hours cleaning things.  I was pretty tired today.  So I didn’t go running, and I blamed it on his job.

I used the leftover ribs and chicken drippings, plus some miso paste for the broth, made pork/beef meatballs with ginger and garlic, got some noodles that weren’t ramen but started with an s…and made eggs and sprouts and the other obligatory toppings.  No one cares about the noodles anyway.  Ramen is about the broth and the toppings.  I use to just give my kids the noodles and eat the rest.  You need to add butter and an egg at the very least, corn and crushed garlic make it amazing.  I just felt like the first was good enough tonight.

My broth was tasting pretty bland, so I kept adding things.  Finally, I added sugar and it helped.  Now I am drinking beer and getting ready for bed.

I need to remember to put the broth in the fridge.


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