Typical winter weekday dinner

Beef sirloin, turnips, and sweet potato

Beef sirloin, turnips, and sweet potato

It’s a little special because it’s got steak in it. Like Alyssa‘s, our dinners tend to look like this: some meat, some kind of starchy or sweet vegetable, and another vegetable, usually green. We’re WAPFish, Paleo-esque, nondenominational types. Tonight’s green vegetable is yellow turnip.

I marinated the beef sirloin in lime (zest and juice), fresh ginger root, garlic, sesame oil, and tamari. Then I cooked it in an iron skillet with a lot of butter. I’ve been watching cooking reality/contest shows for about a year, straight, with dinner, so I was imitating what I’ve seen a lot of chefs do in this case, but not really knowing in my heart if it would work or what it was good for. The steak was unbelievably juicy, even though it was almost too done, and I’d cooked it unevenly. I seared on either side on a high heat, basting all the way, and then finished it in a 350 degree oven for another ten minutes, with another pat of butter on top to send it on its way. About half a stick of butter, and the steak was in the neighborhood of a pound and a third. This was scaled way down from what I’ve seen them do on TV: a whole stick, into the pan, for that steak. I considered doing it in suet. Maybe another time. Maybe I’ll try it on the venison that’s on it’s way to me.

I’m working on some curried lamb stock, and used it to simmer the turnips. They came out mild (sometimes turnips can be very bitter). Simmering vegetables in bone stock almost always gives me really good results: tender, sweet. The sweet potatoes, I roasted whole (and in halves for a really big one), on 350 for at least an hour and a half, until they were collapsing and oozing. The orange vegetables seem so vivid to us both, this time of year.

And then, because I will usually forget to mention it, we have an ice cream sandwich. We were killing a pint each, sometimes, so this was how I’ve scaled down. The fact that each serving is wrapped probably helps.

We drink red wine with dinner, no matter what the protein, because we are savages. Something in the $10-20 range, usually a full-bodied red from the New World. And I drink a lot of plain water, all the time.

Tomorrow’s high is 23. Stay warm.


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