Day 5: Yes, Joanna Cooked. On Chicken Pinwheels, Tomato Salad and the Pursuit of Perfection


Tonight I cooked a thing. I don’t want you to get excited, because this is a pretty rare occurrence. But if I’m being honest, this thing I cooked was really good, and was even nutritious.

But don’t get me wrong – I’m not that woman. You know her, she’s beautiful and put-togehter, her kids are always well-kept and eating things like quinoa and sweet potato fries. She has a job, but somehow also does crafts and has a clean and styled home.

No, I’m the mom in the pajamas and no bra at drop-off. I work from home, which means that I wear sweatpants until 2:15pm. I pull myself together sometimes, but it’s so rare that when I actually put on an “outfit” and do my hair, people do a double take and try to subtly encourage me to maintain myself in such a fashion.<

Keep dreaming.

But tonight – well, tonight I cooked a thing. I didn't, however, shower, do my hair or shave my legs. Roomba is currently vacuuming for me, but the stuff that was on the floor ten minutes ago isn't put away, it's piled on the dog bed. So don't be too impressed.

So what did I cook? One of the four things my entire family is willing to eat, with minimal complaints! Crispy chicken pinwheels. I use this recipe which is my sister-in-law’s recipe (she is an actual chef with an actually-clean house and is also very pretty so if you want to hate someone, you should hate her, but if you met her you probably wouldn’t because she’s really nice).

I also made a little salad that whomps a lot of nutrition into an easy recipe. I made this up, but other people have made the same thing up concurrently, so I won’t sue you if you try to take credit for it.

1 large (or two small) container of cherry tomatoes
1 avocado (cut into 1/4 cubes)
1 cucumber (cut into 1/4 inch cubes)
1 handful of fresh spinach (rinsed, chopped)

Put it in a bowl – I used a vintage Pyrex I’m obsessed with. No, it wasn’t my grandmother’s (I wish), I bought it for too much money at an antiques store. Toss in some rice vinegar (original, not seasoned) and salt and pepper.

You should probably add some finely chopped shallot or onion or even jalapeño but I didn’t want to. I don’t know why, I just didn’t. Ivan (the husband) chopped his own and added it later. You can also add goat cheese crumbles or feta.

The kids ate the pinwheels, and one son ate plain cut up avocado and the other ate cucumber with salt. Both had strawberries and some cheese, too.

Because it just wouldn’t be dinner at my house if everyone didn’t demand some sort of variance of what’s offered! But at least they ate, right?!


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