Day 6 – 111001001100110 or what I eat when I code…

Today was the workday that get’s me back on my usual schedule.  That being said I have to do a complete audit and overhaul at work and was there until 10 writing and testing the code that will let me do the audit accurately and quickly when I actually start…  Tonight’s dinner was forgotten initially.  When I code I can fall so far into my head space that time does not exist. I do not grow tired or hungry. I exist only to type, test, fix, type some more.  When I was finally released from my spell, I found a can of Chef Boyardee Ravioli and much like yesterday’s Spaghetti-O’s, I kicked it up with some Tobasco. Z had a dinner thing at her new work and H and the Kid did their own scrounging.   Real dinners return tomorrow, though I’m not sure what I’m making…

“Real”… as if the food in the can isn’t.  It is protein and carbs and fats and sugars just as anything I’d make…  there might be more in some things that make it shelf stable but there’s no reason to disparage the work people did to make it as nutritionally sound and viable as it is…

I think I want to get away from the guilt about making easy things… the things I turn to when unable to start from scratch.


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