Day 6: Joanna Cooked Two Days in a Row! Burgers with Roasted Poblanos, too!

So two days in a row of actually cooking actual food. I feel like I deserve some sort of prize.

Tonight: Burgers (the grocery store now has a pound of grass-fed Angus ground beef for $4.99, so let’s do that) with roasted poblanos.

This was easy – except my kids won’t eat much of the beef, so I made some turkey bacon first.

I let the beef warm to room temp, then added salt and pepper. Chucked them into the pan where the bacon had been and cooked two mini-patties for the boys and two regular ones for Ivan and me.

When they were done, I added bacon to the kids’ and Ivan’s and put cheese over the kids’, too.

For the grown-ups, I roasted some poblanos on the open flame of the stove as I cooked the patties. When they were blackened, I let them cool a bit and then bounced them around in a closed paper lunch sack (this is Ivan’s idea, I don’t know that it works all that well). It makes them sweat, and that makes the skin fall off. The bouncing takes about half the skin off. The rest you can do with a towel or paper towel.

Cut those into strips and lay across the patties.

I used gluten free bread as a bun, but the rest went with store-bought buns.

Ivan and I also added Vegenaise, classic French’s mustard, Heinz Simply Ketchup (no HFCS), tomato and avocado.

The kids didn’t want the veg on their burgers so they got Satsuma tangerines and edamame so that I wouldn’t feel like a failure in the nutrition department.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll be back to lazy mama dinner time 😉


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