Taco Tuesday! (Just like in Bricksburg)



Jan. 6 – Ground beef tacos, on a Tuesday, just like in Bricksburg.

I didn’t think to take a picture of the food before being served and eaten, so this time it’s a picture of the family table near the end of dinner. My wife prepared everything, which mean browning the meat, adding taco seasoning from a bag or jar (I’m not sure which this time) and prepping the fixins and sides. You can see a little taco meat left, along with some pre-shredded cheese, corn, small guacamole containers (because we discovered we ended up wasting too much when not finishing leftover guac from bigger containers), and some pre-sliced mixed fruit. All that and a bag of chips.

Our girls are currently obsessed with The Lego Movie video game (X-mas gift), so they were into the idea of Taco Tuesday. They haven’t picked up on it being a way that Lord Business controls the minds of the citizens of Bricksburg through empty consumerist tradition. Suckers. Even before the movie tie-in, though, this is a meal we all like, which puts it in pretty meager company. (We also share a love for grilled unicorn, but it’s out of season and too damn expensive anyway.)

I generally avoid ground meat before hockey because it has a tendency to go through me fast and the last thing I want to be thinking about while on the ice or bench is having to take a crap. I’ve had to leave the bench before for that and it’s a pain. We ate early enough tonight that I knew there’d be time to offload before playing. The food was yummy, and no concern about intestinal distress, so Everything Is Awesome! Man, I love that song.




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