2 secret ingredients that make any meal better


Jan. 7 – Hot dogs, french fries, caesar salad, fruit. Whole family, around 5:30pm.

There’s not a lot to say about this meal, except that I loved it because I didn’t have to make it or help decide what to have. Those are two of my favorite ingredients in a meal.1 I’ll note that caesar salad is my favorite salad. Most salads get wrecked by having something stupid in them like carrots or radishes or chickpeas or red lettuce or nuts or sprouts or tuna or shrimp or zucchini or squash or scallions or mushrooms or pickles … yuck cetera. Crispy chicken and avocado can work, though (if it’s the right kind of lettuce).

1. These two secret ingredients only work reliably when wielded by someone who has a good idea of my picky tastes, like my wife.  Well, pretty much only my wife, since my mom is dead. Most other times that someone prepares a meal without any input from me, that’s an anxiety-producing experience, as detailed in The Monkeyman flings poo at food (figuratively).


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