Day 7: Take-Out and Frozen Pizza. Now That’s More Like It.

photo 1Working parents’ dinner extraordinaire:

The kids enjoyed a Newman’s Own Four Cheese Pizza at home, courtesy of the toaster oven. They also dined on strawberries as we waited for Ivan to pick up dinner from a restaurant.

He got them Miso soup from the Sushi place next door to where we got our food, as well as avocado rolls in seaweed.

For me: A chopped salad with grilled chicken and kalamata vinaigrette. For him? Grilled chicken breast with gluten free pasta and a butter sauce.

The American way!

Also, the salad looks super gross in this photo but is brilliant – romaine, tomatoes, cauliflower, and broccoli make up the veggie portion. It’s a LOT of food, I ate about half and had to put the rest away for lunch. Good reason to portion out and not dress the whole thing, or it gets soggy in the fridge.

photo 2


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