Jan 08: Community Bulk Buying Program

Once a month, I volunteer for three to four hours for a community buying program.

The program purchases fruits, vegetables and frozen meat in bulk to provide balanced, nutritious options made available at 73 sites across our metro area. By buying in bulk, food can be available at up to 40% off grocery store prices.

Community-supported and open to everyone, the structure means the more people who participate, the more buying power everyone has, and the lower the overall price. The program accepts cash, credit/debit cards and EBT / SNAP cards. Or a combination thereof.

And, since starting in my area, our “drop” site has become…one of the top five in the entire metro area!

There is no monetary limit on who can participate. EVERYONE can buy. And the more we buy, the more it benefits local food shelf programs, including the one in our town.

Each month I use some of my SNAP benefits to buy food, which helps to stretch my budget. A LOT. In the typical midwestern way, what I can’t use right away, I put in the freezer to use later. There’s a security in that. And people who have never had to face hunger or the need for food will never understand that.

I am SO grateful for all the “socialist” support in my area. Truly.


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