January 7: Another Paleo Challenge Begins

The usual, again. I never get sick of kale salad, but you might get sick of me writing about it.

The usual, again. I never get sick of kale salad, but you might get sick of me writing about it.

It’s day one of the Whole 30. Honestly,  I swear, I already feel better. In the last 5 weeks I have eaten (and drinken) so much garbage that my body is rebelling. I’m not sleeping as well, I don’t have as much energy (so you’d think I’d at least be able to sleep,) my skin looks like The Grand Canyon and my body odor is something other than inviting.

But damn, I do love cupcakes, ice-cream and beer.

I should be clear that I am, generally, pretty thoughtful about how I eat. And I am not, in general, very restrictive. I generally eat what I want to, and that usually healthful food. But something happens to me in December. It’s not holiday cheer, quite. It’s more like the opposite, I just kind of hate December with a massive passion. And that passionate hatred is coupled with ALL THE SUGARY THINGS. Every year, I try to buffer against it. And it never works.

But I also know that it only lasts for December. So even when I’m eating like crap, I know it’s short-lived. And I think some part of me “enjoys” checking in with what it would feel like to eat with no real regard to its impact on my health. It’s a good reminder that I like what I’ve got, I like how I usually do things.

It makes it seem worth the effort.

So, 3 times a year, we do a Whole 30 Challenge at the gym. I’ve seen it change lives. Big time. We get people in who are really working on their fitness, but exercise is really only half the equation. As my husband always says, exercise without nutrition is like rowing a boat with one oar.

This is day 1. We add a few things to make it harder. We do it as a competition with a $25 buy-in. Winner gives all the money to the charity of their choice. Our rules: 5 points for eating perfectly (all or nothing,) 1 point for getting 7 hours of sleep, 1 point for drinking enough water, 1 point for exercise, 1 point for mobility and 1 for posting your meals to the secret Facebook page. One charity gets a huge donation, but 57 people are changing their lives this month.

Anyway….. Dinner…..  My “usual.” Kale salad, which I could eat 3 meals a day, easily. Kale with red onion, apple and walnuts, tossed with olive oil and balsamic. Simple. And you can add anything you want to it. (I usually throw a can of sardines over it and a hard-boiled egg, for lunch.) Tonight I had a pork chop and  hard-boiled egg with it. Simple. You’ll see it a lot…..  Cuz it’s got everything going for it.

Hopefully, by the end of this, I will have killed my sugar addiction…… Again…..


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