Dinner Post #3 January 8 – Multiple Meals is my M.O.

We’ve got a big cooking weekend coming up and I’m excited to write about it. I started the process by getting the meat out of the freezer to defrost today.  A large package of chicken parts and a pork shoulder roast.  The chicken is for tomorrow night’s dinner and the pork shoulder for a party (combined birthday dinner) on Saturday night. I am in charge of the meat course, and others will contribute the rest of the meal.  Stay tuned for that.  What is my point?  Do I have one?  The truth is, not really. I guess I was leading up to telling you about tonight’s dinner.

Anytime I know I will be cooking for several days (or multiple meals), I try to use up any leftovers in the fridge, not only to make space for the new food, but also to make sure none is wasted.  We work hard to produce our food, and hate to throw it away.  I found the lone piece of leftover chicken fried steak  I’d made for my husband earlier this week, and , while I didn’t have any more gravy,  I did have some red beans and rice made last night. A pre-dinner libation of a spicy Bloody Mary prepared him for his comfort food combo while I had to find myself a diabetic diet-friendly option to prepare.

I scrounged up a veggie soup of chicken broth, leeks, spinach, and celery combined with mushrooms and quinoa. Quinoa has been a life-saver for me since giving up pasta, grains and rice.  I added some black pepper, garlic and Tapatio hot pepper sauce, and Voila! I have a tasty and filling meal that won’t make my blood sugar spike to the danger zone.  The celery gives it some crunchiness and the quinoa some graininess. Altogether it’s loveliness.  Enjoy your dinner, V.


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