Wait– there was garlic bread?



Jan 8 (Elvis’s birthday) – Spaghetti and meatballs, eaten with the whole family.

I’m on a lucky roll. This was the third consecutive night of dinner featuring my two favorite ingredients – not cooking, and not choosing. Although the picture may look like some inedible ingredients leftover from Justin Cascio’s Venison sausage stuffed venison backstrap roast, it was yummier than it looks. I’m quickly discovering that the yummy food in pictures is analogous to professional models – sure there’s something real involved, but it takes a lot of special lighting and probably Photoshop to come out looking as appealing as it does.

I like to eat pasta with garlic bread so I was a little disappointed there wasn’t any. Later, when helping clear the table and put away leftovers, I realized there was garlic bread sitting on the stove that I hadn’t seen. D’oh!


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