January 9: All the green things, with some yellow and orange

All the green things, with some orange and yellow.

All the green things, with some orange and yellow.

When I tell people that I’m mostly (kinda, usually, at least I try really hard-like) Paleo, the usually say, “so you just eat bacon?” (Followed closely by “didn’t the cavemen evolve for a reason?” Which is great, because I need another opportunity to say, “It’s not historical reenactment.” Jeesh.) Well, no, this plate right here is pretty much what my meals usually look like. A shit ton of veggies and dark leafy greens, with some protein.

And it’s largely stuff that I can make huge batches of and just have in the fridge. Tonight, for instance, I came back from a looooooong night of watching my daughter train. (She’s training for Nationals in Olympic Weightlifting. Well, she’s training to try to qualify for them, and has a damned good chance…..) After sitting there for 3 hours, I don’t have much energy to cook dinner. 

Fortunately, I make veggies and salads in hugenormous batches. So, tonight I had the kale salad that I posted here a few days ago (kale lasts forever, even dressed, it just gets better.) Some of the Delicata with garlic and parsley that I made yesterday, and some Brussels with bacon that I actually made a huge batch of tonight in order to eat tomorrow, but they looked so good I had to have some tonight.

When you have a fridge packed with healthy veggies, all you have to do is heat up some protein and BOOM, you have an awesome meal. Tonight, it was Salmon. (Which, shockingly, I made leftovers of, so I can have it while I’m coaching at the gym.)

Honestly, the secret of my nutritional success is leftovers. Lots of them. I always cook enough to feed an invading army. Which I usually manage to eat by myself in a day or so.

For the record, whenever I make this kale salad for a party, people ask me for the recipe, because it is insanely good. I’m embarassed to give them the recipe, because it’s not really a recipe. It’s just a bunch of really simple things in a bowl, It’s nothing more than an ingredient list, but here it is:

Kale sliced into thin ribbons
Red onions
Olive Oil
Balsamic Vinegar
Salt and Pepper

Make a huge batch…. it’ll disappear at a party, or last many days in the fridge. If I’m having it as a meal all by itself I either add hard-boiled egg or dump a can of sardines over it. Or both. Girl’s gotta have her protein and fat.


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