The Part with the Chicken Parts


I realized last night that there were Harry & David oranges that were still hanging around in the fruit bowl and fridge from Christmas. Sadly, Oregon produce in the winter time leaves much to be desired. So they weren’t really edible but still suitable for juicing or cooking.

My husband Rao had a great idea. Let’s (meaning me) make Duck a L’Orange, but make it with chicken.  Not a bad idea, except that I knew I didn’t have all the ingredients for the L’Orange sauce and I live on a mountain about 30 miles from the nearest supermarket.  So I said, “Sure, I can do that! “, not knowing how, but that I would come up with something that resembled an orange sauce.

The other challenge, as you will find in many of my posts, is my time schedule and job demands. I am a horse trainer and freelancer, and do both full and part-time.  It’s hard to explain, but suffice it to say, I am always busy, and don’t have a lot of prep time what with riding horses, horse chores, and today’s plan, which was to ride one horse, then a visit from the hoof trimmer around noon. She was scheduled to trim two horses, which takes a good hour+. Meaning 4 hours of my day were shot.  So enter the trusty slow cooker. I set it up with the chicken parts, salt, pepper, garlic powder, red pepper flake, lemon juice, water, and sliced oranges.  Turned that bad boy on low and I was off!

After the demands of my day were met and all the critters tucked in for the night I turned the slow cooker to warm and dipped out about a cup of the stock. I looked at the Duck a L’Orange recipe, and what I didn’t have was most of the ingredients. What I did have was orange juice, sugar, garlic, corn starch to thicken, and some herbs in place of the bitters. I whipped up an orange sauce to be proud of! No Grand Marnier or bitters, but when I spooned it over Rao’s chicken, it was perfection. I served his up with the leftover red beans and rice, which he loves, and a mixed green salad with a fruity vinaigrette.

For myself, the high blood sugar girl, I made a salad. I put the shredded chicken on it, squeezed a lemon wedge, and spooned some orange sauce on and called it salad dressing. It was delightful.  Enjoy your dinner, V.


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