Day 10: We Were Trying to Go To Nobu… But Ended Up at Islands


My sister, Madeline, is in town so we wanted to take her to Nobu to just have a few of the most amazing things you’ll ever eat (and completely empty your wallet on), but even at 5:00 pm on a Saturday, there was an hour wait for walk-ins and no open reservations until 10:15pm. So, that wouldn’t work.

In a GIANT shift of mind, palette, budget and basically everything else, we ended up at Islands. If you’re not a West Coaster with children, Islands is a family burger joint with a hawaiian theme. The food isn’t Hawaiian, the decor is.

I had a burger with no bun (sorry, Gluten, haven’t eaten you in 17 years, not about to start now), add avocado, the kids had chicken/bacon/cheese burgers and pineapple, my sister had a burger and so did my husband.

C’est la vie, I suppose.

Someday, Nobu, someday.

Someday, Nobu, someday.


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