“The Best Food” Day 10: Lynn, Late- Night Breakfast

There is something incredibly comforting about breakfast for dinner – especially on a cold night – and especially when someone has been put in the cold most of the day.

My son was out all day, in the cold. We decided to have a late lunch and an evening dinner. My husband went to meet my son’s train at around 8:00.

While he was gone, I made breakfast for dinner.

For all of its simplicity,  breakfast can be a tricky meal when it is done well. It is a matter of split second timing.

Scrambled eggs are especially fragile if you don’t want them dry or that horrible buffet watery. Light and fluffy eggs are a study in limited benign neglect.

I make a special cinnamon toast done under the broiler. Bacon needs to come up to heat slowly so the fat is rendered before it crisps.

It is also a trick to make the homemade cocoa so it is piping hot but does not scorch.

Bottom line is that I burned one piece of the toast and donated another to the dogs. And I almost scorched the cocoa.
But my son came home starving and cold.  He stood in the kitchen eating everything as fast as I could make seconds.

“Your food is the best.” He said.

And just like that, all was right in the world.


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