I don’t even know.

10552629_10205759774703925_3788545646628832806_n1545972_10205759774183912_4203381043629237896_nThe little voice inside my head who tells me I’m missing an appointment, some money, or a child without me being able to identify the problem is saying that I missed three days.  I don’t even know.  What day is it?  I have two dinner pictures in my phone.  I’m pretty sure we had BBQ chicken at some point.  During my last pregnancy my husband became a professional chicken chef because I freaking love BBQ chicken.

My husband cooked the steak and I made chicken curry for dinner tonight.  Our lives have been exceptionally busy.  It’s ten o’clock and we have been going and going, and we are still going.

At times like these, dinner is fuel.  It’s important that it’s easy, fast, and healthy.

Tomorrow is a birthday, and three year olds like pizza, so we will enjoy that.  I will enjoy not having to cook.  I feel the need to disclose that I had to go back and edit that last sentence.  Originally, it said “I will enjoy caking…”  Who doesn’t like birthday cakes?

Life is busy and that’s how we like it.


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