Stick this in your eyes and see if they feast


Cheesy taters

Jan. 11 – “Cheesy Quik Taters” from Schwan’s around 9pm. (Dipped in ranch.)

In retrospect, it would have been amusing to arrange the taters into a word or something for the picture, but I was too hungry and tired to think of that at the time. I ate late and alone because I had a 6pm hockey game (we won in a shootout), so I went from lunchtime leftovers of our recent spaghetti and meatballs to 9pm without eating.

In other news, Wyldstyle started singing “This Land is Your Land” today – just the chorus – so after a few times through I joined in so I could fill in some of her lyrical gaps. We’d sung it together at least thirty times when I asked, “Would you like me to put this song on the playlist for when we drive?” She replied, “What song?”

Oh, did I mention something about a feast for the eyes in the headline? I snapped the pic below from the rink parking lot tonight just before going in to play. It rained much of the day, but there were enough clouds with enough breaks in them to make tonight’s sunset pretty spectacular.


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