Day 12 – Taco Tues…er Monday!!

Tacos… simple.  Flour tortillas, ground beef and onions seasoned with old el paso (seriously 1/4 cup of seasoning per lb of ground beef??), Fresh Pico de Gallo , sour cream, cheese, and an avocado mulched with some of the fresh pico.  The Kid ate his taco without complaint and with gusto.  In six months this is one of the few times that this has happened.  I had four, they were delicious.

I started out wanting to do the mexican lasagne J made when we went up to Jersey but by the time I could get out and get groceries it was too late to get it all back and do the roasting I’d need to do so I broke down and just made the tacos.

I’ve reached a point tonight where my  motivation for anything went to 0.   There’s a huge list of things that I need/want to do and none of it is getting done.   Not even the little things that I really have to do before bed and this might be what’s keeping me up.


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