January 12: Leftovers and contemplation

Big bowl of pasta, paleo style. Recipe below, really.

Big bowl of pasta, paleo style. Recipe below, really.

I’m on Day 6 of a Whole 30. Typically, for me, this is not a hungry time. It’s a sleepy and kinda crabby time. I’m not that much of either, though I’m totally going to bed as soon as this absurd TV show is over. The Bachelor, who makes this shit? Who wants to do this shit? I mean, this is awful. I’ve never really watched it. I watched the final episode of the season that a friend of mine was on, and I was pretty appalled, but…… I dunno, we all spend time watching our friends to stupid shit, so I just pretended that it was run-of-the-mill stupid shit, like painting your face for a sportsball game or something.

Anyway, tonight is low-key, after a day of meetings and running around. I ate the same thing that I ate last night, which is a huge part of my strategy of eating right. Make lots of nutritious foods and eat it for days.

Another important part of my nutrition strategy is snacking. Not if I’m not hungry, I’m not a mindless snacker at all. But I do carry snacks with me. In my bag (yes, the same one that a few nights ago carried a steak) you’ll usually find baggies of nuts and dried fruit, a Happy Tot or two, and some Epic bars. These are my go-to snacks, and I always have them on me, just in case. Because when I get hungry, I get crabby, I can’t think right, and…..  and, if I get hungry enough, I’ll eat anything. Mostly donuts, but anything will do. So I avoid getting hungry.

Food is about nutrition. It’s about feeding my body so that it will keep doing awesome things with me (and for me.) And today was just a lot of grazing on nutritious foods between meetings….. and then a giant bowl of leftover paleo pasta action.

Anyway, if you missed yesterday’s here’s my recipe for the paleo pasta, which is always a huge hit, with everyone, even the kids.


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