Sausage + Pancake = SexyTimes!

Pigs in blankets

Sausages like to be wrapped up hot and cozy.

Jan. 13 – Breakfast of hot sausages dipped in yummy pancake batter and baked to perfection.

Last night we had boring chicken from Schwan’s that didn’t inspire a single thought worth writing about, but breakfast this morning was better. I was heating up some “pigs in blankets” (also from Schwan’s) for myself after returning home from taking the girls to school when Sutton came into the room. When I’d left, she was still dressed in her getting-the-kids-ready robe, but now she was dressed for work and looking very nice.

“You look very pretty today.”

She looked very pleased at the compliment and came over to give me a kiss. After the kiss, she laughed and said, “Quickie?”

I laughed back and said, “Definitely, if you’re not joking.”

I think she was joking at first, but I could see her thinking it over for a couple seconds after my reply. In those seconds, her eyes went from thanks-for-the-compliment to take-me-now. “Sure, let’s go.” And so we did.

A little while later, she was off to work and I sat down to eat my pigs in blankets and started brainstorming ways to make them sound risqué for blogging purposes. Bow chicka yum yum!


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