Day 13 – The true joy of a good hotdog

If I owned a roller-grill, this would be a mostly hotdog blog.  Mmm.. tongue twister… Blog logging hot dogs… Anyway, I love a good hotdog.  In my opinion, hotdogs have to have a good snap to them, so when they’re cooked, they have to be kept moving.   Back and forth in the pan, or on the griddle, or on the grill so that as the fat from the meat is rendered, they self baste and the skin gets oh-so-crispy while the inside remains juicy.   This is why the roller-grill is such an awesome invention,  it keeps the dogs rolling while not tying up the cook to fuss over them.   I had OK hotdogs tonight.  Since I was at work, and finishing the audit (finished by the way), I grabbed a couple of hotdogs from 7-11.   This served two purposes, it fed me and it was cheap.  I usually top these with the free chili and cheese and ketchup and mustard and onions.  It adds the bulk of protein and fat to a tiny meal and gets me through to bed.   The sweetness from the ketchup balances out whatever spice is in their cheese, and the onions throw in a bit of freshness to what would be and otherwise over-processed meal.  The mustard… I just really like mustard.


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