Days 12 & 13: Magical Pasta Pot

Life has been incredibly crazy thanks to my husband’s insane work achedule.

So I made my famous spaghetti sauce. It involves throwing things into a pot until it tastes right. This time I made one that was a bit sweet and hot.

When I make sauce, I make enough for days. I strain it a bit and use it as pizza sauce or I use it as the sauce for a zitti.

I boiled up some rotini noodles – they are the corkscrew guys – and mixed them with some of my sauce and reduced fat ricotta. But it was too…I don’t  know, one note? I just didn’t sing.

So I chopped up some pepperoni and threw it in. Then I baked it with a sprinkle of parm on top.

It was MAGIC.

It was so good that I made everyone eat spinach and a salad before they could have seconds. They tolerate my beloved tyranny or I threaten not to cook.

And no one can ever have it again because we cannot replicate the sauce let alone the pasta dish.

So, so, so good.

One thought on “Days 12 & 13: Magical Pasta Pot

  1. You can, though, because you documented it! Throw things in pot until it tastes right. Make non singing pasta. Add pepperoni and Parm. Throw weight around to enforce vegetable consumption. (Pepperoni is like bacon in stick form. Magic meat.)


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