January 14: Awesome Meatloaf Made By My Husbands

Meatloaf, butternut squash and salad makes me a very happy Alyssa.

Meatloaf, butternut squash and salad makes me a very happy Alyssa.

Yes, my husbands, both of them, cooked dinner for the family. And that is exactly as awesome as it sounds. But I should probably clarify that I’ve only been married to one of them at a time. The one who is actually my ex-husband pre-made meatloaf on Sunday, and my husband assembled and cooked tonight, with some butternut squash. My ex then made salad. As a result, my daughter and I came home from a long night at the gym, and were immediately embraced by a warm home filled with the scents of all manner of yummy, savory things.

It totally did not suck, in any way.

Also, my life is not always this perfect, so although I’m savoring the shit out of it, I know better than to get attached. 

In any event, tonight was paleo meatloaf. I really do not, for the life of me, know why people put all that other stuff in meatloaf. Here’s all meat loaf needs to be: MEAT. Preferably a few different kinds of it. I didn’t ask Myles what he put in it because I was so busy moaning with joy for how good it was. But when I do it, I usually use equal parts beef, pork and lamb.

I throw in a couple eggs to bind it together and make it loafy.

As for herbs and whatnot….  I like a sagey meatloaf a lot, especially if it’s going to be served with squash. Butternut most especially. But really, whatever you’ve got lying around, throw it in if it makes you happy.

Myles put some sort of tomato sauce on top of it. Not sure what he did, but I often make a balsamic reduction with tomato sauce. Good stuff.

Toss in a green salad, turn on The Hobbit, ensconced on a cold winter night with your family.

Yup. Not much more I could want out of life right now.

Except maybe to not have to be at the gym at 5:30 in the morning to coach. I am just plain NOT a morning person.


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