Day 15 – Game Night

The first of tonight’s dinners was a chicken burrito from Chipotle (always pronounced chip-aught-el because I am insufferable) It was game night, which meant that I worked until 6-ish and then hung out at the store playing board games with some of the regulars.  Tonight’s game was Slash… don’t google without safe-search.  It’s a card game where you make romantic pairings out of a vast breadth of pop-culture icons… like all of the golden girls and Voltron… the robot.  The winner of a hand is whomever the judge of that particular round picks much like apples to apples or cards against humanity… so the name is, in fact, taken from the fan-fic slash definition.  Wait, did I say first dinner?  .. yes.   after the store closed around 10:30,  Z and I discovered that despite the huge burrito, we were both starving so we went to the diner for chicken strips and pancakes and late-night hangings out with awesome people.   We talked, we joked, I finally got my milkshake… it was sublime 🙂


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