Feeling mighty lo

Skillet Lo Mein

Jan. 13 – Chicken lo mein skillet meal from Schwan’s.

Jan 14 – A piece of garlic toast. (Not pictured.)

Skillet meals are magic. You pour one bag’s contents into a skillet or pan, stir it a few times with your magic wand (cooking spoon), and it’s transformed into a meal with multiple ingredients that looks like you did something. I’m still mystified by how the noodles come out soft when there’s no soaking involved. If I’d taken a picture of the pan after serving the food, you’d also see how I made the carrots disappear.  Unikitty and Wyldstyle not only liked it, but kept asking for more of the chicken, so I mostly got noodles, which is fine with me on a hockey night.

The main entrée for last night was tortellini, which both girls have eaten many times with no problem. Upon hearing what I planned to put in the boiling water, however, Wyldstyle decided that was a problem and proceeded to melt down. She screamed her demands about other things she’d rather eat; when that did not elicit the desired response, she walked over to the table and knocked her sister’s full cup of milk onto the floor. She declined the opportunity to voluntarily clean it up when given a towel, so I “assisted” her by forcing her hands on the towel while “we” cleaned it up. There was still no sign of her calming down, so I carried her up to her room and spent the next 30 minutes or so stationed outside to keep putting her back (and dodging blows) until the violent tantrum subsided enough to say sorry and that she wouldn’t throw any more cups. When she was finally allowed downstairs, I stayed upstairs for a few extra minutes of my own cooling down. When I went down, Mommy had helpfully finished the meal of tortellini and garlic toast. I’d lost most of my appetite and now it was too close to hockey to want to eat a full meal anyway, so I had a piece of garlic toast.

Addendum: I may have out-clevered myself with today’s headline, so just in case I’m the only one who remembers too much Bugs Bunny…


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