Jan 11 – Making Magic out of Leftovers

I wasn’t going to post for the “leftover” nights, but one of my fellow bloggers urged me to, because having leftovers is part of our 365 dinners.Making them into something appetizing, creative or even inspired is a goal I have as a cook and food lover.

My last post was about the birthday get-together and the pork chile verde I made. I ended up bringing home several servings, actually about 1/4 of my 7 Qt. Crock. I love to eat it for breakfast with eggs, and Rao, my hungry husband, likes it over plain white rice. That was his Sunday dinner.

No bad carbs for me, so I made a mixed green salad and went for even older leftovers, the Chicken a l’Orange from Friday night.

I shredded the chicken and put it atop my salad. Some oil, vinegar, and lemon juice and a grind or two of black pepper, and voila! Magical leftovers. Enjoy your dinner. V.


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