Jan 12 – Lentils, Leeks & Nachos – Really!

Hubby went freezer diving , er, shopping in the barn, and brought back some ground meat for me to cook for his dinner. I decided to make him nachos. I used the goat and lamb meat combined, browned with onion and diced celery, whole pinto beans with bacon, which I refried in the bacon fat and added onion to, and several kinds of shredded cheese. I put this over tortilla chips with a chopped tomato and baked until the cheese was bubbly and melted. I added homemade salsa from this summer’s harvest, and a cold home-brewed beer, and hubby Rao was more than ready for Monday Night Football.

I still had a bit of chicken left over, so I wanted to incorporate that into my dinner. I’d had a very rough day with a horse I’m training, so was in no mood to do anything fancy, but then I had an idea. I sauteed chopped leek, carrot and celery and added mushrooms, spinach and a cup of brown lentils. Using a method I’d seen on an Indian cooking show, I put a whole jalapeno pepper in the skillet with the veggies and added a combination of stock and water.I seasoned with salt, pepper, garlic, onion powder and tumeric. I covered and monitored it, adding water to keep the lentils cooking over medium heat until the veggies and lentils were tender. I shredded up the last of the orange chicken and put it on top of the veggies and lentils and covered until it was steamed through. It was delightful! The jalapeno gave it a little bit of heat. It was a great way to use the last of the Chicken a l’Orange. Enjoy your dinner! V.

.365 dinner lentils and leeks


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