Jan 13- The Power of the Barter – Fresh From the River

I made only one meal for this dinner. It doesn’t happen very often. My high blood sugar limits me on what I can safely eat so I usually end up making two meals, or a main dish and multiple side dishes. No bad carbs for me, so I have to be creative on this.

I barter for some of our foodstuffs and services. Since we have milk goats, and chickens, we have the ability to barter quite a bit. I have a woman who does the hoof trimming for my horses, and I have not paid her cash in several years. I pay her in food and milk. It’s pretty cool.

She, in turn, being a generous soul has blessed us on an annual basis with fresh salmon right out of the Columbia River. A member of her church fishes and then flash freezes the fish, and gives his bounty to the parishoners. Since my friend lives alone, she shares with us.

This dinner was a 2 ft. long salmon , thawed and cut into 10 steaks. Half of them I pan seared in olive oil with salt, pepper, and dill, with a squeeze of lemon juice, then glazed with sweet plum sauce after they came out of the pan.

The other half I seasoned with Cajun spices and baked in a 375 degree oven . I made a corn pasta with a crème sauce and thawed and steamed some corn on the cob from last summer’s harvest. I also made a salad with mixed greens from yet another barter with gardeners up the road. I enjoyed every mouthful and so did my Rao.We will be eating salmon for days, and I couldn’t be happier. Enjoy your dinner! V.


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