Jan 15 -Goat Stew – It’s a Thing!

For some of you, the idea of eating goat is not the most appetizing. I have to tell you, goat meat slow cooked and properly seasoned is some of the most delicious meat I’ve ever eaten. Worldwise, more cultures eat goat than they do beef. Having dairy goats requires that we keep them in milk which means pregnancy, and baby goats. We can’t (and don’t want to) keep them all, so some are earmarked for the freezer.

When hubby and I rotated the contents of our chest freezer before Christmas, we took all of the older goods on the bottom and brought them to the top.This exposed a few packages of goat shanks and goat riblets from the goat we had raised for the table the year before. The shank, for those of you who don’t know, is the lower part of the leg. It doesn’t have a whole lot of meat on it, and riblets are downright puny. There is not enough meat to eat as a single serving, but it’s great in soups and stews.

I stewed the meat in pork stock, onions, carrot, celery,potato and seasonings (including cinnamon and cumin and garlic) until it was falling clean off the bones and the vegetables were nice and tender. This was my dinner tonight. Hubby ate the rest of his chile verde and rice that he didn’t finish last night. I will thicken the stock and make gravy for hubby Rao’s dinner tomorrow night when I make magic out of leftovers once again .Enjoy your dinner! V.


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