Day 16 – Kid stuff

The Holidays are truly over, finally.  We have returned to our routine where Fridays we pick the Kid up from daycare, feed and entertain him, and put him to bed while his parents go do adult things like movies and conversations that don’t center on what “This” lego guy is doing.  Dinner is naturally some sort of pasta and sauce.  Brown up some ground beef, add a jar of Prego ™ and toss over some rotini…  easy peasy … but no peas The Kid is now 5.  He doesn’t like to eat except for when he does, having no kids of my own I am pretty sure this is still a largely universal truth.  I get the impression that he feels he’s wasting time he could be using to play or watch cartoons.   He will ask constantly through dinner, “How many more bites? ” and how much he has to eat before he can get dessert… and, “My Mom and Dad always say Four,” in answer to the previous question like we don’t eat together and really know the routine (secret: it’s never a fixed number).


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