January 16: Pesto Salmon and Salad

In Seattle, this is pretty much just road kill.

In Seattle, this is pretty much just road kill.

It’s 9:36 and I just finished dinner. ‘Nuff said. Long day of coaching and car-pooling. Though I did manage to get my own workout in, so that’s good. I swear, I’m like a barefooted cobbler…..  I MUST make time to work out. Of course, today’s workout featured 3 of the things that I hate most: Front Squats, Push Ups & Push Press. It’s the hat trick from hell.

Coached this evening, so tonight’s dinner had to be EAZEY PEAZEY. And it was. Throw some parsley and walnut pesto on a slab of salmon. Bake. Brown some carrots in ghee, throw on some balsamic at the end and let that caramelize. Boom. Green salad. Done and done. 20 minutes, in my mouth goodness.

Although, it took me more like 90 minutes because I was also preparing Porchetta for Sunday, which is now sitting in the 2nd fridge, drying out and hopefully getting ready to be amazing. But, I mean, it’s pork wrapped in pork. How could that not be awesome?


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